National Dastak of the effect of knocking, 6 Gorkshk attacker arrested, 2 police officers Suspended

UNA (Gujarat)! Dead cow in the village samdhiyala of Saurashtra thicker skins capture tribal society was overshadowed four Dalit youths. After which go guard team members these youth brutally beaten by baton table. These Dalit youths on shirts has been launched, and the car was struck by baton sticks-shackled.


The impact of the news of the national knock then get to see, according to the latest information in this case, the Administration has two police officers have been to suspend while 6 is the Taliban arrest hjs submits petition.

Protest leaders of tribal society and social media Monday harassment video viral when they came in the front case. These so-called gorkshakon was reported to say that they are going to get some people in beef. This information on he car stopped and has been abusing co-star off youths aboard.

Youths are beating on the body of scars, many of the foreskin has been udhad. Not only does not pausing on hjs submits petition so, these Dalit youths beat up a local police post while shackled hand carried. That was the beating of Dalit youths they leather business and people who were they going to go peat-were justified in the name of protecting knowledge.

Much of this shameful act on social media is being criticized.


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