PM Modi has delivered another huge blow Smriti Iranian

New Delhi! The government is constantly going to end on Smriti Irani. HRD ministry before they were removed from the assignment of the Ministry of Textiles. As long as the Iranians and the other shock of shock Ubrti gave Modi himself. Modi Smriti Irani CBSE’s new president-elect has rejected his choice. Also the process of selection has been removed from the HRD Ministry. HRD minister Smriti Irani as the next chairman Dr CBSE. Srvendra Vikram Bahadur Singh had offered. Let me tell you it was the second time when the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has rejected the choice of Smriti Irani CBSE chairman.


Like the PM was nixed by CBSE chairman

Modi himself chairman of the selection committee are Deserving of this position must be at least of the rank of Joint Secretary. Also, according to the selection process for this position, which will be the official education have three years experience in management. The selection committee of the Cabinet in August 2015 YSK Seshu Kumar, CBSE has given additional charge of chairman. Seshu Kumar, joint secretary in the HRD ministry post. CBSE chairman for 6 months now, they have been expanding.



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