Look at the effect of Dalit, 823 in the general category student of IIT

New Delhi. This year the IIT joint entrance examination (JEE Advanced) 823 SC students made their way into the general category. SC students a discount of 50 per cent mark for the benefit of these students did not. IIT exam held this year IIT, Guwahati was from. According to data from IIT Guwahati 823 SC students, 22 of these students have made their top in 2000. SC students who have made their way into the general category and 10 per cent in all subjects they will have to score a total of 20 per cent.


Total 7339 SC student elected JEE Advance

As a reminder, IIT 2015 Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Advanced) 515 SC students was common place in the merit list. This year IIT JEE 7339 SC student has to pass in advance. Of these, 11.21 per cent of students have made it to the common merit list. The 2015 IIT JEE 2570 SC students pass the test in advance and had only 20 per cent of them are 515 students in the common merit list been made.

Last year, three times more than the student selected

SC this year than last year, nearly three times the student has passed the IIT Advanced Test. Let me tell you 2015 for SC students in each subject had to be 3.5 per cent, while the total score was 12.25 percent must score. But this year, the total score of 10 per cent has been reduced from 12.25 per cent. That is why nearly three times higher than that of 2015 SC students have been elected this year. 7.5 per cent of the total of 10 thousand 500 in IIT seats for ST, SC and 27 per cent to 15 per cent of seats are reserved for OBC. The remaining 50.5 percent is for general category seats.

Will the use of quotas for favorite college

IIT, Guwahati,  professor and chairman, Professor KV Krishna JEE 2016 823 SC student who made their way into the general category of those most students take admission under the quota. Pinpointing the reason, Professor Krishna for preferred course and colleges will use the student quota of seats in the general category will be difficult for them to choose the preferred course and college. However, he said the students who have made it to the top 20 students will be able to easily select colleges and courses.

Only 1575 seats in IIT

Another important aspect would say that, in the IIT SC quota of which only 10,500 seats, only 1575 seats. Since 7339, most of the students get admission in colleges that students who take admission through JEE.

ST’s 212 students in the merit list made

If the point of the ST students this year, of which 9537 students were involved in the test were close to 2392 students JEE Advanced. Also 212 ST students have made it to the common merit list. Of these 212 students, two students have made their way into the Top 2000 list. JEE 7736 ST students last year in advance of the 1745 ST students was passed. ST and SC scoops quota cut-off for 2015 is equivalent in 2016. Advance JEE results came on June 12 this year.


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